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Snow Covered Lodge on a Mountain

December 1, 2021

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Whether it’s to visit family during the holiday season, planning a ski trip, or just trying to escape the cold, there are plenty of reasons why you may travel this winter. A bit of preparation can ensure that you do not come home to a mess.

“A leak device can provide up to an 8% premium credit on your home insurance premium.”

Winter Travel Tips

Unfortunately, plumbing does not last forever, and springing a leak while you are traveling can prove to be ugly. The absolute best option to secure your home against unexpected water damage is a leak detection device connected to your security system to prevent any damage. If any leak occurs, the device will shut down your water main to minimize the damage and will also send an alert to let you know about the leak. In addition to the alert and controlling the potential water damage while you are away, a leak device can provide up to an 8% premium credit on your home insurance premium.

Follow these other tips for winter home protection while you travel:

  1. Before leaving, set the thermostat no lower than 65° Fahrenheit to avoid your pipes from freezing and avoid potential water damage.
  2. A generator is a major asset in a power outage. Periodic service of your generator is key to making sure it is ready when needed.
  3. If leaving for an extended amount of time, consider turning off the water main.
  4. Enlist a friend to be your house checker as a backup while you are away

Traveling during the winter can present some challenges. Preparing your house for an extended absence can help ensure your time away is fully enjoyable.

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