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Winter Fire Hazards - Shepard Insurance Group

Winter Fire Hazards

Take a moment to Prevent a Loss

With seasonal temperatures beginning to arrive, it’s time to make sure as you bundle up that you take a moment to double check that you are up to date on prevention.

“seasonal temperatures are beginning to arrive”

In addition to removing leaves and cleaning gutters, here are some housekeeping details to consider:

1) Take a moment to shake the crumbs out of your toaster

2) Bathroom fans need periodic cleaning for the dust that has built up

3) Outside air conditioning units and generators become nice houses for mice to build a nest. They can eat away at your wiring.

4) Electric panels are also favorite hiding places for mice

5) Dryer vents need periodic cleaning for lint build up

6) If you have a fire place or use oil heat, chimney cleaning at least in the fall is wise

Taking a moment on fall maintenance to make sure all your equipment is clear of fall debris and rodents, in order to avoid unexpected events.

Stay warm, stay safe. If you have a question give Kyle a call at 203.698.9342 or email him at

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