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Diamond drop earrings

Did you happen to read recently in the news about the wealthy socialite who left for her holiday vacation only to have her house robbed to the tune of $66 million in jewelry?

Clearly an inside job.

So our question is, who knows you are going on vacation for the holidays?

  • Friends- do they need to know that you’ll be away?
  • Neighbors- will they keep an eye out in case they see something suspicious going on at your home?
  • Service People -do the cleaning people need to know?

If you want to uninvite burglars from breaking into your empty house and walking away with your valuable items, you first need to pay particular attention to who you let know that you will be away. And second, if you are going to be away, prepare your house and your valuables so they are not exposed.

To keep your valuables protected we recommend:

  • Storing them safely in a bank safety deposit box
  • Sending a notice to your alarm company
  • Giving your closest neighbor a heads up on your travel plans

If you take the time to think through these details before you depart, you will provide that extra margin of safety to be certain you have a safe and secure holiday.

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