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If a hurricane hits locally, are you protected?

With hurricane Dorian moving on leaving too much devastation in its wake, it’s sensible to pause and wonder if a 185 MPH hurricane had hit locally, are you properly protected?

There are two issues to consider with a hurricane: wind and water.

Wind coverage outside of Florida is always included in a home insurance policy. If you are coastal, up to 5 miles from water your policy may have a Wind deductible that is separate and larger than your primary deductible (from 2-5% of your building coverage).


“There are two issues to consider with a hurricane: wind and water.”


Water damage, or flood, is the bigger issue in that it is excluded from coverage on home policies. For flood your options are to buy Flood insurance thru the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) if you are in a designated Flood zone. You will then need to add Excess Flood coverage to your policy as the NFIP only gives you $250,00O for building coverage.

If you are not in a designated Flood zone your coverage options are more comprehensive, and premiums are relatively low.

What we can learn from hurricane Dorian is that overwhelming rain and storm surge can occur even in non Flood Zones. Water damage that comes from outside your house will most likely not be covered by your home insurance policy.



If you are exposed to water damage from runoff from a hillside, or the creek that has never flooded, it might be sensible to look into a Flood insurance policy.

It doesn’t hurt to look!

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