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Success comes with plenty of responsibility. Whether your client decides to organize for that responsibility is the first question. Most do, but some successful people choose to ignore the responsibility.

It starts with the number. How much of the clients net-worth is necessary to live the balance of their life, meeting all needs and obligations, financially stress free. Depending on how they view the future it can be a relatively straight forward formula of current and future income needs, and then a robust emergency fund to meet any and all unanticipated expenses, like emergency care and/or long term care.

Once an individual or couple completes the exercise of determining their number, planning for the distribution of the excess is step two in determining what to do with the assets above that number.

This is where the responsibility of success becomes complicated. Do you leave the excess of your number to your kids? This decision is very challenging! A client’s success has more than likely already provided support and a strong back stop for their kids.

  • Does leaving significant assets to your kids compromise their incentive?
  • Are you concerned about the confiscation of taxes?
  • What if you have a special needs child, grandchild, or great grandchild?

Every family has different needs that will require discussion, structure, and then communication to successfully chart the roadmap to a properly supported future.

Beyond your personal family legacy, excess funds need a destination. Once you have determined your number, and then how much of a backstop you provide for your children, and their children, planning the destination for the excess assets can make a real difference in someone else’s life. A difference could be all it takes to give that pathway for life time success.

But it starts with the client’s number!

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