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Weatherproof Your Home

The Changing Nature of Home Insurance

It used to be a straightforward decision when insuring your home, you implemented a premium policy, or bought a basic home insurance contract.

“your options begin with your location, and what insurer is underwriting homes in that location”

Climate disasters have changed all that. Your options begin with your location, and what insurer is underwriting homes in that location. As an example, we were advised that Allstate has discontinued writing business in all of Connecticut. That, if correct, is just another example of home insurance options drying up.

Here is the future:

#1 If you own a home with good insurance, you need to take charge of all small claims, and avoid a claim giving the insurer a reason to non-renew the policy

#2 If you are buying a home, check the location for insurability first, and secondly check to see if the seller has had any home insurance claims. After you buy, revert to #1

#3 And finally it’s time to weather/claim proof your property. Here is a brief list of items you should consider, with location being the driving factor:

  • Is the home on the Coast? Install hurricane shutters or impact windows
  • Install a water shut off valve to avoid internal leaks caused by faulty plumbing
  • Be strict about scheduled annual maintenance of generators, roof, and keeping gutters clean
  • Water pressure testing/Isolation testing
  • Sump pump check, have a backup electrical source if the power fails during a storm
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Cover window wells & outside drain cleaning
  • Get an alarm system audit to be certain you have the proper amount of smoke detectors, heat sensors, & water leak detectors

Weather proofing to avoid storm damage is your first step to controlling your long-term insurance cost and availability.

If you have questions about your location or weather proofing drop Kyle an email at or call 203.698.9342.

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