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Watching for a Warning

Good intel for the upcoming storm season

As we ice skate our way out of Coronavirus, we trundle into the warm weather and the potential of climate driven heavy storms and even the potential of a major event.

Preparation and intel can help.

Here is how:

Being prepared for a severe storm is more than half the battle. If you missed our blog on spring cleaning, here is a link to the post that may have value in preparation and then reducing storm damage.

As for intel, when you hear the term Hurricane Watch, it specifically means that there is a threat of a hurricane, but not necessarily imminent.

When the communication switches to Hurricane Warning, the severity has progressed to an expected storm within 24 hours with wind velocity of 74 miles per hour our greater.

Whether global warming, or simply changing weather patterns, the severity of storms is the issue, and being out front of any potential can only be a wise step.

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