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Despite best intentions, often times accidents are beyond your control. Which is the reason that having a sizeable umbrella policy as a back stop makes very good sense. If you are concerned about the cost, increase your deductible to offset the cost to amply Personal Liability Insurance.

Here are the top 4 reasons to have a large umbrella policy:

1) A teenage or youthful driver in the house – everyone is distracted today with texting, and phone use, but teenagers are the most distracted and this an issue with inexperienced drivers

2) A swimming pool – even with proper fencing a pool is a major exposure

3) Nonprofit or Volunteer activity – from coach to board member, you never can fully control this exposure with the best of intentions

4) A dog – even the safest of breeds represents an exposure

There is a long list of exposures that suggests an umbrella policy. Take a moment to go thru the list.

If you need help in identifying your individual and family exposures contact Kyle at Shepard Insurance: 203-637-6655 or email

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