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The holidays are a busy time of year for travel and it is not unusual for travelers to want to look good, which normally means bringing your jewelry along for the ride. Traveling with jewelry always presents a problem with safeguarding against theft. The more dazzling the piece the bigger the target.

The simple answer for traveling and jewelry is to leave it at home!

Absent that thought, let’s make sure you are properly insured. Here is a short list of questions and thoughts to observe-

  • Is the jewelry insured?
  • If you are leaving the states, is coverage worldwide or limited?
  • How is the jewelry insured?
  • While traveling, keep your jewelry with you at all times, never in your luggage
  • At your destination, never keep the jewelry in the room safe, only the hotel safe

Traveling around the holidays is always fun, make sure you are prepared if you are taking jewelry to keep it safe while you are away.

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