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What you should know about buying a Florida home:

Successful individuals and families are slowly becoming aware of the new limit on tax deductions for State and Local Tax (SALT), and the resulting increase in their taxes. Some of those people are actively planning on a move to a state without state income tax, such as Florida!

If Florida is your choice, here are pointers that are important in selecting your new home:

1) Flood – Select a property that is above 15 feet of base flood elevation or what is referred to as Mean High Tide. A property below the high tide level may not currently be in a flood zone, but Global warming and potential flood damage will change over time. This is not an exposure that you want to consider.

2) Wind – Be certain your property has all openings covered with either impact glass, or hurricane shutters. That includes all windows, doors, garage doors, and even transoms. You can buy insurance without wind protection, but if the big one hits you may wait years to get paid.

3) Roofs – Make sure the roof has no IRMA damage and is up to code. Many owners post IRMA have had their roofs replaced, but others didn’t want to bear the expense, and did minor repairs to prevent leaks. Some of those home have a lot of roof damage that will be a problem if and when the next hurricane hits.

Being at the epi center of hurricane potential, Florida is a challenge in securing a good home insurance policy. There are a number of small insurers, that will issue a home insurance policy, but IRMA exposed the challenge of response to a major event. You need to advise your agent well in advance of beginning your search for that Florida home, so they can put you in the right position to be able to secure comprehensive insurance protection.

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