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Summer Storms Write the Playbook on Prevention

Get out in Front of Wind and Water!

Whether it is global warming or not, it is clear that storms are becoming more intense. The most recent storm, Isiasis, was particularly damaging with the wind toppling trees throughout the northeast, leaving some still without power and worse depending on your location up to 6 inches of rain.

“Summer Storms Write the Playbook on Prevention”

So what did we learn?

First, so we are clear, if wind blows down a tree in your yard, it is only covered by insurance in the event it falls on the house, on a fence, or in the pool. Damages are then subject to your deductible, and if you are located on the coast, it may be subject to a wind deductible.

If it’s your neighbor’s tree, the portion of the tree that falls in your yard, in what is deemed an act of god, is your responsibility. If your neighbor’s have trees that are a potential problem you should notify them in writing, to protect yourself against their less than responsible maintenance. We recommend a letter sent by certified mail, so you have a receipt of its delivery.

Back to the learning. Here is our list:

1) Tree maintenance – in an effort to avoid a potential wind claim, annual tree trimming or removal makes good sense.

2) Water Damage – extremely heavy rain is part of these intense storms. Make sure your gutters are clean, downspouts leading water away from the house. If you have a sump pump check to see if it has the capacity to handle a heavy, unexpected rain. We are finding many homes with undersized sump pumps that do not handle the job. If you lose power your sump pumps will not work!! If you have room in the sump pump well, install a backup sump pump that can take over if the primary is overwhelmed.

3) Generators – they continue to add value in reducing the aggravation of power loss due to a storm, and keeping the sump pump working. The annual service cost should be covered by the discount on your insurance premiums.

4) Water Leak detectors – having an alarm that triggers when you have a leak gives you reaction time before you get that foot of water.

5) Exposure – if your basement is finished, or you store a lot of items in it, these measures become more dynamic in avoiding an unexpected claim.

Storm intensity is beyond our control but getting out in front of potential damage with some loss prevention steps is intelligent protocol to minimize the damage that can and may occur.

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