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Aerial View of a Hurricane

With Tropical Storm Cindy brewing in the gulf, it’s a wake up for that time of year when we head into summer storm season, sometimes referred to as “hurricane season”.   Being prepared to address an approaching storm always helps in reducing the final impact of what we inherit from Mother Nature.

Here is a list of pointers to help you thru a pending storm:

  • And most important, you need to be able to communicate when a storm arrives, so keeping your phone, or a wireless device fully powered is a must.  Never hurts to have a battery back-up device in case you need help, or want to report a claim to your insurance agent/company
  • Well in advance of storm alert get your trees trimmed.  Dead branches or weak trees are a serious problem with high winds
  • Have your generator serviced
  • If storm warnings are imminent bring your outdoor furniture into the garage
  • Keep supplies handy for power outage: batteries, flashlights, water, food
  • Check your insurance policies for deductible, especially if you are coastal and have a wind deductible
  • If you have a vacation planned do this in advance of leaving
  • Make sure your gutters are not loose and cleaned. Heavy rain can do more damage if gutters are clogged

A little preparation before an approaching storm can go a long way to reduce and possibly eliminate damage due to high winds or wave surge.

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