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Using Idle time to Prep for Summer Storms

It is very clear that storms, whether driven by the rise in temperatures or not, have increased in intensity, putting residential properties in some peril. Being prepared for the storm season is an important step in limiting your exposure to the storm.

“Using Idle time to Prep for Summer Storms”

What should you do!

Here is a short punch list of items you can do or arrange to be done during the layoff from work:

1. Clean the gutters
2. Check the downspouts and leaders are connected leading water away from the house
3. Install a generator, or have yours serviced
4. Have your AC serviced- blow out the drain lines
5. Check the ground on your lightening rod
6. Clean your dryer vent
7. Upgrade your alarm system adding leak detection, especially if you head to the shore for the summer
8. Check your insurance policy to be certain it meets your individual needs

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