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April 30, 2019

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Over time our engagement in creating a plan for a child with special needs has become a more frequent occasion.  Statistics now report that one in seven children born, will have special needs requiring added lifetime support for education, healthcare and more.

It is a very complex discussion.

First, a special needs child born to a couple in their 30’s, could live 60-70 years, which is beyond the parents life expectancy and ability to provide.  Providing a backstop for that child with life insurance, as the need for coverage will be permanent.

Second, inflation is a critical component in arriving at the need.  Unfortunately, healthcare and education out run normal 2-3% inflation, and can significantly influence a life time plan.

Third, it is not uncommon that new parents to a special needs child can understand the long term needs, but are often not successful enough to address the long term need.

Social services do provide a safety net but that can be a slippery slope in working within the system.

This more often leads us to the grandparents.  With the lifetime exemption doubling in 2018 the ability to respond to a special needs grandchild’s lifetime needs has been enhanced.  Using a permanent life insurance program to address this type of long term need, will create a significant amount of leverage against the ultimate total cost of support.

This is always a complex discussion, but including the grandparents to add leverage to the need could be a solid solution.

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