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Our Signature Assessment is a proprietary, organized approach to identifying each and every exposure that a client faces.  With, and only with, a full comprehensive assessment can you properly build a risk management plan and implement the appropriate insurance response.

We will build a solid foundation for you featuring a personalized road map. By first highlighting your exposure, we will match you with suitable insurance protection.  We then provide ongoing, personal support through periodic reviews and communication.

Review your coverage regularly

Insurance coverage needs change as your life changes, it is important to take time to review your policies to ensure they are keeping pace with your growth. Call us today to for a second opinion or to review your coverage.

Let's assess your risk & review your coverage.

Todd Wilkowski
The team at Shepard Insurance did a great job analyzing our insurance needs. They dug deep to find the optimal insurance solutions for both my business and my personal needs. They looked at where we are today while focusing on our future objectives, creating a complete insurance package to support our goals. With Shepard you get experts, and that expertise is now a vital part of our team. Shepard is an invaluable part of our team.

Todd Wilkowski

Founder & CEO

Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness

How about a second opinion?

Being an informed consumer will help you make the proper decision when it comes to choosing insurance. Let Shepard offer a “Second Opinion”  on your coverage to ensure you have it right.

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what we offer
Private Client

At Shepard, 40 years of working with high achieving clients has built a level of expertise critical in meeting client needs. We know the responsibility of success and have built a platform to manage the risks that come with it.

Life Insurance

Achieving and maintaining financial security for your family is a lifetime effort. Implementing a well-designed Life Insurance program will provide the guarantees that are critical to that security.

The Shepard Team

Forty years in the insurance business has built a team of experts who are fluent in today’s coverage options and how to best tailor them to the individual needs of each client.