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At Shepard Insurance Group we are often asked to review a successful family’s insurance portfolio. Providing a “Second Opinion” to a client who has put long term faith in their insurance agent, while enjoying the fruits of their success, can be very revealing.

There is that occasion where the insurance is appropriate and the client is well protected. But often we find the coverage’s are on auto pilot, needing attention and updating to track that success.


  1. Deductibles- are too low, wasting money year over year on premiums. Successful people are traditionally lower claim risks.
  2. Liability Limits- are too low- a $50M net worth individual should not have a $5M umbrella.
  3. Credits- from alarms,to water detection sensors and generators, clients are not getting the premium credits they deserve. There is not a strong connection with the agent with periodic renewals.
  4. Alternatives are not routinely explored, factors are constantly changing, and alternatives need to be examined.
  5. Communication- for efficient account servicing, especially regarding claims, there must be strong communication between the agent and the client. 24/7/365

If you have a client needing a “second opinion” Shepard Insurance Group is available to help-contact Kyle at Shepard Insurance – 203-637-6655


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