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Custom Tailored Insurance for High-Performance Autos: Protecting your Investment in high performanceLuxury,  and Exotic Vehicles

Insuring a high-performance sports car or highly valued luxury vehicle requires specialized custom-tailored coverage, not just a basic automobile insurance policy. At Shepard Insurance Group, we have a proven track record of successfully insuring cars with high horsepower and values into the millions. We understand that providing comprehensive insurance is an individualized exercise, considering factors such as performance, driver skills, and the specific coverage needed.

With our expertise, the end result is always a custom-built insurance policy designed to safeguard your high-performance or high-value vehicle. Our dedicated team of professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and create a tailored insurance solution that provides optimal coverage and peace of mind.

Contact Kyle Shepard at for any questions you may have about insuring a high-performance or high-value vehicle. Trust Shepard Insurance Group to protect your prized possession with our specialized high-end car insurance coverage!


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Personal Assessment

At Shepard, 40 years of working with high achieving clients has built a level of expertise critical in meeting client needs. We know the responsibility of success and have built a platform to manage the risks that come with it.

Life Insurance

Achieving and maintaining financial security for your family is a lifetime effort. Implementing a well-designed Life Insurance program will provide the guarantees that are critical to that security.

The Shepard Team

Forty years in the insurance business has built a team of experts who are fluent in today’s coverage options and how to best tailor them to the individual needs of each client.