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Personal insurance coverages come with limits, terms, and then conditions that are critical components in being protected in the event of a claim. Periodic audit of personal insurance coverage is vital to being sure that coverage is appropriate for any claim.


A full audit of a successful individual or family begins with a full discussion of potential exposures to loss. Once all personal exposures are identified, they are quantified to determine the actual need for insurance protection. Step three in the risk management audit compares the existing coverage to separate out the gaps in coverage. Gaps are simply exposures with no protection.

Needs change! Policy limits, terms, and conditions with your insurer change over time. A periodic audit, and in fact a “Second Opinion” is prudent to make sure you are bullet proof against the unanticipated loss.

15,000 homes burned down in the Camp Fire, California wildfires. 80% of those homes were under insured. An uninsured or under insured loss can be worse than a 25% market correction, get a “Second Opinion” today.

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