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At Shepard Insurance we know that every client is unique, so we tailor insurance plans to suit that individuality. We meet our clients and visit their properties to get a clear idea of each individual’s personal needs, from current exposure to future goals. With this approach we can ensure the coverage we implement covers everything. After forty years of service, we know that crafting a customized and thorough plan is not something that can be properly accomplished over the phone or through an online search.

We take a comprehensive approach to evaluating your personal risk

A plan that protects you today and into the future, starts with a full discussion of all your exposures to risk, and how those issues should be insured to protect your personal goals.

We create plans that protect your wealth.


what we offer
Signature Assessment

Our Signature Assessment is a proprietary approach to identifying every exposure a client faces.  With a full comprehensive assessment we are able to implement the appropriate insurance response.

Life Insurance

Achieving and maintaining financial security for your family is a lifetime effort. Implementing a well-designed Life Insurance program will provide the guarantees that are critical to that security.

The Shepard Team

Forty years in the insurance business has built a team of experts who are fluent in today’s coverage options and how to best tailor them to the individual needs of each client.