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Kyle Shepard

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Kyle Shepard - Shepard Insurance Group Greenwich CT

Kyle entered the insurance business in 2008, and quickly learned that the key to meeting successful client’s insurance needs is knowing the client, and understanding their particular insurance needs. Couple those needs with an in depth knowledge of coverages available, is the best approach to the solution. There is no cookie cutter approach to meeting the needs of successful individuals and families.

Steve Shepard

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Steve Shepard - Shepard Insurance Group Greenwich CT

Success is not always a pin-striped suit, it comes in many different versions. Forty + years of working with successful clients, has identified this conclusion to Steve. To bullet proof any client’s success begins with a face to face meeting, and a visit to every property to have a understanding of their needs. Every version of success has a different blueprint for insurance protection, but it begins with knowing the client.

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