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With the recent increase in wind, water and wildfire claims, it should be of little surprise that home insurance rates are on the rise. Couple those events with water damage from leaky pipes and insurance companies are reacting by evaluating future rates and policies.

So how do you decide on a home insurance policy?

Here are the points to consider in making the right selection:

1) Company – the key elements here are company size and where the company does business. It is a common occurrence for insurance companies trying to grow, that they grow in locations that are more exposed to storms. Time and again we have seen this strategy blow up. Pick a large insurance company operating across the US to provide long term premium control.

2) Policy Type – there are two types of home policies, standard and premium contract. As the name suggests, the premium contract may be a bit more in cost, but if you have a claim, you get what you pay for. We have added many new clients whose claims lasted beyond a year when they settled with a standard insurance policy.


“How do you decide on a home insurance policy?”


3) Attitude – a home insurance policy is not a maintenance contract. View your policy as a backstop for the big one. Submitting small claims will just drive up your costs. Set your deductible at a number you can afford and keep your premiums low.

4) Fine Tune – your home insurance policy comes with 6 different coverages. Your needs are not the same as your neighbor, so spend some time with your agent and fine tune the coverage to your particular needs.

5) Hot Spots – there are a number of essential issues to manage when selecting a home policy

  • coastal proximity
  • flood zone
  • distance to a fire hydrant/fire department
  • age of the home
  • previous claims

Getting ahead of these issues is vital in controlling long term premiums.

5) Agent – your agent has multiple options for your home insurance coverage. To be certain that you are getting the best possible solution, the agent should visit your property to get a full sense of your needs, followed with a face to face meeting. Anything less will not result in the best coverage for you.

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