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The new normal for Home Insurance

Securing homeowners insurance for a new home, and even continuing an existing home insurance policy has evolved into a new dynamic, driven by location. If your location is what we refer to as low hazard, you should have options. If your exposure/risk is high it could be an adventure.

“It is no surprise that weather patterns are becoming more severe!”


It is no surprise that weather patterns are becoming more severe. Hurricanes, wildfires, even sub artic weather have insurer’s reacting. But weather is only one location factor, the other two are flood zone(s), and the distance to a fire hydrant.

The Covid-19 event with equity shock, impacted insurer’s capacity and caused an even higher level of reluctance by insurer’s to entertain new business that is in higher risk areas.

Add that to the fact that interest rates are near zero on Fixed income investments, the primary asset for insurers, has added another dimension to the dynamic.

Location has become the primary driver for home insurance.

If you are buying a new property, or maybe relocating, while you are making a decision, ask your agent to do a location search to allow you to digest current and potential future insurance costs.

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