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Liability Insurance

What is the Right Amount?

Liability insurance is an important coverage that is attached to personal insurance policies like home, auto, or even watercraft. An important protection, it is often overlooked in evaluating the insurance values of your property possessions.

“the question is how much liability insurance is the right amount for you?”

Accidents do happen!

The question is, how much liability insurance is the right amount for you?

Your home and auto policies come with basic liability insurance, usually $500,000. In order to best protect you, and your family, supplementing the basic coverage with an Excess/Umbrella liability policy is an intelligent decision, especially given the number of Personal Injury attorneys advertising their services.

What’s your number?

In that you cannot predict accidents, or evaluate the resulting damage, the right limit of liability insurance is primarily an effort to protect your net worth and future income. Compared to current property insurance premiums Excess Umbrella Liability is very inexpensive, so be certain your coverage is sufficient.

In the end the “right amount” is likely a coverage level of comfort that leaves you feeling fully protected against any accident that could happen.

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