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Lawsuits are going Nuclear!

Driven by Third Party litigation funding, lawsuit advertising, and just plain inflation, lawsuits are becoming more prevalent and more damaging. There has been a 27% increase in large lawsuit verdicts over the last 10 years.

“excessive speed accident resulted in a $10M lawsuit”

Here are a couple real life examples:

Failure to put the car in park – car jumps the curb and injures 2 individuals inside a retail store – $5m paid

Spring break golf cart accident – golf cart driver hit a vehicle and the passenger of that car sued for damages. $160,000 paid to the attorney, case dismissed

Good friend test driving a High Performance Sport Car – insured allowed a friend and acquaintance to take a spin of the insured’s high-performance car. Excessive speed accident resulted in a $10M lawsuit.

Lawsuits happen more often and the results are more dramatic financially. Having ample Excess/Umbrella liability coverage is the best choice for being protected.

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