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Whether it begins with an “I Do”, a special anniversary, or just a treasured time piece; the purchase of jewelry should be followed with a discussion, and possibly the implementation of valuables insurance coverage.

Losing a piece of jewelry can be an emotional challenge, but having the piece of jewelry properly, and fully insured can help ease the disappointment.

Selecting the right jewelry coverage should equal the sentiment providing the comfort that no matter what happens to this precious piece, it is fully protected.

What We Cover

Home Insurance

Home Insurance

At Shepard Insurance we understand that every client is unique, and in response we tailor the insurance plans to suit the individual. We invest in the time a new relationship, to fully understand the needs in building an insurance plan.

Chubb Home Insurance

Chubb Insurance Company continues to be the Blue Chip choice for home insurance, for successful individuals and families. Surprisingly affordable, Chubb home insurance is the broadest of coverages, combined with dynamic claim service.


Flood is no longer an exposure that is limited to areas adjacent to the coastline, rivers or lakes. Intense, heavy rains storms has created a whole new risk to water. It may be time to take a second look at your flood exposure.


The successful completion of your construction project is built on coordination. Beginning with the construction contract, and includes your builder, build loss prevention, with the project then covered by Insurance.

Life Insurance

Planning and effort are 2 of the primary goals to achieving success. But plans need a backstop, a guarantee, that the goal is reached. Implementing an individually designed Life Insurance plan can provide the security that plans can be completed.