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Fraudulent Accident - Shepard Insurance Group

It may not be an Accident!

It might be Staged!

“practice defensive driving with these thoughts in mind”

Law enforcement refers to it as organized crime. Staging side swipes and abrupt stops to cause an accident are becoming more common in urban areas because of nicer cars, and better insurance. Criminals are coordinating with doctors, lawyers and mechanics to support the accident and overcharge for injuries and auto repair.

What should you do?

In trying your best to avoid being the victim of a staged accident fraud and the increase in insurance rates, practice defensive driving with these additional thoughts:

* Never follow too close to the car ahead

* Always call the police to the scene of an accident

* Take pictures of the damage, the license plate and the driver’s license of the other driver

* Never follow the other parties suggestion on the lawyer or doctor

* Call your own tow truck

* And if it seems suspicious, report the accident to the National Insurance Crime Bureau

If you have concerns about an accident that may be fraudulent, call your agent for support. Or email Kyle at or call 203.698.9342.

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