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At Shepard Insurance Group our total focus is on protecting our client’s success. It may be a new entrepreneur building success, or the executive at the end of his or her career. Regardless of the level and stage of success, our objective is to craft the insurance coverage and make our client bullet proof to any large loss.

In working to assist investment managers and wealth advisers in determining if their client’s are bullet proof, we find the following three common errors in their client’s insurance coverage (s) :

  1. The insurance coverage is not customized to the particular needs of the client
  2. The client is over paying premiums by having deductibles well below what is appropriate for their ability to manage
  3. Their Umbrella/Excess Liability limit is woefully inadequate for the clients’ net worth and future income

Measuring your client’s exposure to loss is more than just an exercise in allocation of assets. Take a moment to ask your client about their insurance. How involved is the agent? How often is their coverage reviewed? You may find that your client is exposed to these common errors.

We can help!

Contact Kyle at Shepard Insurance Group and add critical value in your client relationship, and make sure your client is bullet proof.  – 203-637-6655

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