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Is it a Sign of the Times?

Is Covid the reason for an Increase in Auto thefts?

It was announced by the Greenwich, CT police department that there have been 104 vehicle thefts in town since 1/1/2020. If we had the real data it would be of interest to know if there is a certain type of vehicle being targeted. And if any of the vehicles are being recovered which would suggest “joy riding”, vs vehicles being stripped down for parts, or sold overseas.

“Is Covid the reason for an Increase in Auto thefts?”

What is really important!

The great majority of the thefts are from cars being left unlocked, and most importantly the keys left in the car. Please lock your cars, better yet if you have a garage, use it.

And it is not just the cars disappearing, anything of value, or use, such as bikes are high on the snatch and grab list. You are the first line of defense from thieves, lock it up, and avoid the aggravation of a theft.

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