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It may be viewed as an opportunity to find lower auto insurance rates by logging onto insurer websites and individually choosing your insurance coverage and cost. But this opportunity is just another tax on the 1%.

And here is why:

Driving an automobile is a responsibility. A responsibility that is backstopped by a requirement by most state laws to provide insurance. It would be appropriate if each state required ample coverage for the different injury potentials of driving a car, but they do not. All states have a “minimum limit” requirement to insure a car. Some states have minimum limits for liability as low as $10,000. How many accidents are below $10,000 in damage?

Enter internet rating!!!

You log into a well know insurer and pick your coverage based upon the rates. Most drivers, offered options, will select the lowest cost, and consequently the lowest coverage.

Should you care?

Most definitely. This opportunity, internet delivery of auto insurance, puts drivers on the road with inadequate coverage. Meeting state minimum required limits for auto insurance is not meeting the responsibility for a potential accident.

Internet driven auto insurance is transferring that responsibility to those drivers who are fully insured, and most important their Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage. We are experiencing a growing number of auto accidents where the driver at-fault has inadequate or no insurance. This pushes all the injuries to non at Fault drivers policy. Just another tax/premium on the 1%.

Make sure you advise your client to have ample Uninsured Motorist coverage to protect themselves from this rapidly growing and unfortunate trend.

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