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Many successful people will tell you that one of the keys to success is to surround yourself with likeminded people that have skills that complement and support your efforts. Selecting the right insurance agent adheres to that theme, in an effort to make your success bullet proof from the surprises in life.

There are a number of critical elements in selecting the right insurance agent:

Options – successful people need options. If your agent only has one insurance company to consider for coverage, it isn’t enough.

Knowledge – an understanding of coverage and coverage limitations is crucial. It should be clear to you and your agent on what is and is not covered.


“There are a number of critical elements in selecting the right insurance agent”


Experience – your agent’s experience is a valuable commodity. If they have “seen it all” it will only benefit your coverage.

Connection – your agent cannot make the appropriate coverage recommendations without knowing you and understanding your unique circumstances. Look for an agent that will visit your properties and take the initiative to meet you face to face.

Communication – as in any relationship, the most essential part of building a strong relationship is two-way communication, and your relationship with your insurance agent is no exception. Periodic check-ins from the agent are key, as well as timely connection from you the client to record changes in your needs. Communication via text, email and phone are vital to being bulletproof.

When you find an agent that these elements, you’re on the road toward a bulletproof insurance strategy.

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