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Gavel Laying on Money
Life Insurance April 15, 2016

The Costs of A Bad Beneficiary

No one likes to think about naming beneficiaries, but it is critical when it comes to securing benefits and one that can have negative consequences. To avoid making a mistake, take your time.

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Home Construction Plan with Figurines
Protecting Assets March 24, 2016

Communicate and Avoid the Construction Deductible

If we have a mantra at Shepard Insurance Group, it is that all decisions should be made after research which yields a thorough plan. Renovations are no exception. Renovations are full of the unexpected, so it is critical that before you start, you talk to your insurance agent.

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Private Beach Sign in front of Nice Houses
Navigating Coastal Coverage August 24, 2015

Flood Insurance – Always Changing

Living on the water is a luxury, albeit a risky one. Buyers who root themselves in flood zones have to weigh the pros and cons in making that decision and then plan to protect themselves accordingly.

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Cartoon Checklist with House Being Flooded in the Background
Navigating Coastal Coverage July 24, 2015

To the Scrap Pile for Biggert Waters

Flood Insurance changes with the tide. Under the Biggert Waters Act, new owners have to pay adequate actuarial rates. With the new rules, the change in rates will provide a gradual easing of rates for new owners until they reach the rate adequate premium.

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Risk Management Word Cloud
Comprehensive Coverage May 24, 2015

Selecting the Right Insurance Company

Insurance companies desire new customers. Being aware of their objectives can help you find the most comprehensive coverage at a low long term cost.

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Life Cycle of Humans
Comprehensive Coverage April 30, 2015

Life Stages in Insurance Terms

Insurance needs evolve as net-worth grows, making it critical to revisit your coverage regularly to ensure that your assets are properly protected. The Shepard Insurance Group can keep you bullet proof as you grow by creating a blue print for your needs and then revisiting the plan regularly to add and adjust according to your personal growth.

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