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Inside a Modern Home after being Flooded
Home Insurance / Protecting Assets September 27, 2021

Water Damage Claims

Another Challenge in Home Insurance Elsa, Henri, and Ida are long past, but the recovery from the flood claims linger. This creates a substantial hurdle for the real estate market. Insurance companies are working hard to understand climate change, and water damage is at the fore front. "Insurance companies are working hard to understand climate [...] Read More
Modern White Kitchen Design
Home Insurance / Protecting Assets September 15, 2021

Ida Flood Damage Intelligence

An Education with Every Disaster Seven inches of rain in less than 8 hours is an epic storm, but furthermore, Elsa, Henri, and Ida make 3 inundating rainstorms in 7 weeks. Wow! "In every challenge there is a lesson, and your education from Ida should be used for future planning." So, what did we learn [...] Read More
Calculator and Tax Plan
Life Insurance September 15, 2021

Biden’s Tax Agenda

Anticipation of Tax Increases is Driving PPLI & PPVA With the Federal Deficit growing at an alarming rate, and with talks of more stimulus, the current discussion to increase taxes on the 1% is becoming more likely to happen. It is relatively clear that taxes will need to grow, and that the growth will come [...] Read More
Small House Model on top of Coins
Home Insurance September 14, 2021

Mortgage Companies – Catching up on Insurance Exposures

Basic Homeowner Policies Are No Longer Acceptable For years, independent insurance agents stood by with wonder about the lack of concern mortgage companies have for the type of insurance a buyer uses to insure their new home and secure the mortgage. "Mortgage companies are now initiating higher standards of coverage to secure that attractive rate." [...] Read More
Massive Waves Crashing into a Lighthouse
Comprehensive Coverage August 20, 2021

Storm Henri

Phew! Henri Will Just Miss Us Those in the Northeast can breathe in a sigh of relief as Storm Henri seems to be moving out into the Atlantic, but bad weather is still on the radar. Here are some tips from the Shepard Insurance Group on what you can do to ensure your safety: Invest [...] Read More
Cyber Security
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets June 22, 2021

Avoiding a Hack!! Part 1

Avoiding a Hack!! Part 1 Steps to Reduce Your Exposure Cyber security is in the news with an alarming rate of cyber criminals looking at vulnerabilities both for individuals and in a larger sense businesses. There are steps you can take as an individual and a family to reduce your exposure and the painful aggravation [...] Read More