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Gated Entrance Flooded
Navigating Coastal Coverage October 3, 2016

Flood Insurance: This is not going well!

I recently read an interesting article in the local paper about the Community Rating System (CRS) for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It is a floodplain (zone) management initiative in which communities can earn up to a 45% reduction in flood insurance premiums, if they exceed the minimum flood protection standards of the National Flood Insurance Plan.

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Nurse Assisting an Elderly Man
Retirement Planning October 1, 2016

Long-term care solutions

We are of the opinion that there is no consensus solution to the health care distribution and cost issue. Equally troubling is the rapid expense growth of the cost and the number of people needing Long Term care.

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Well Dressed Man and Child under a Tree
Life Insurance September 16, 2016

Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies – solid option?

The life insurance landscape is ever changing, which complicates policy decisions. The latest trend is a permanent policy featuring a guaranteed death benefit, or “secondary guarantee.” These are often issued at a lower premium.

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Stressed Out Business Professional
Protecting Assets June 30, 2016

On Trustees: When responsibility leads to liability

High-net-worth families rely on Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust as their number one vehicle to manage exposure to estate taxes. Trustees are critical to the realization of these trusts. Yet being a trustee is incredibly risky.

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Luxury Houses by the Water
Navigating Coastal Coverage April 30, 2016

Considering property in or near a flood zone

Few things are quite as luxurious as a home on the Gold Coast. But waking up to your own private oasis overlooking the Long Island Sound comes with natural risks worth considering before you close.

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Hacker Committing Identity Theft
Protecting Assets April 25, 2016

Identity Theft… modern day robbery

Shepard Insurance prides itself on experience, and my most recent experience came at a cost that will undoubtedly add to our agency’s ability to serve you.

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