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For years an appreciation of Fine Art and the needed insurance protection has been significant income for the insurance industry. A growing collection has driven a corresponding growth in the cost to include comprehensive insurance protection.

“PURE Insurance is driving a change in providing insurance for Art”

Here is the innovation:

In the past, if you wanted to drive down the cost of insuring your collection, you either had to trim the pieces insured or compromise on the quality of coverage provided.

But PURE Insurance is driving a change in providing insurance for Art. PURE has recognized that those individuals and families with a passion for Fine Art, protect those pieces like they are members of the family. In view of that level of regard, very rarely suffer losses that would involve insurance.

In response, PURE has significantly discounted the cost of insuring art while providing fully comprehensive insurance protection, coupled with robust support in the care of a collection. PURE will also assist in supporting values and in the event there is a loss, a PURE Member Advocate® will help you find a professional whom you trust to help you restore any pieces that may be damaged.

PURE’s innovation in coverages to help the collector will pay dividends in the long term for all.

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