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Excess Liability Insurance

Accidents unfortunately happen!

It can be a distraction to your driving, or an unintended party at your home! Even with intelligent prevention efforts, some of these events are out of your control.

If the unlikely, unfortunate accident does occur, and you hold the responsibility, it boils down to a matter of how much?

How much are you responsible for, and then how much insurance do you have to protect you?

We are asked all the time how much Excess (Umbrella) Liability coverage is the right amount. It is a very difficult question to answer. How much do you have exposed to an unexpected claim.

  • How many years of income?
  • How much is your net worth?
  • How many exposures are you responsible for?

Whether you have fast cars, a pool in your yard, or possibly youthful drivers, all of these factors above have to be part of the discussion. Excess Liability is relatively inexpensive so the cost is normally not a barrier.

From income, to net worth, exposures, and cost all of these are part of arriving at a policy limit for your Excess Liability coverage that helps you sleep. Ample coverage is always the proper response to the Excess Liability discussion.

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