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Woman taking photos for home inventory

One of the most basic questions we ask as insurance agents in trying to fine tune an individual or family’s home insurance policy is how much personal property do you have? Often referred to as contents.

Most people do not have the time, or the energy to really provide a good answer.

Here is a thought-

While we are waiting out the Covid-19 crisis, why not take a few minutes with your cell phone and video each room of your house to create a permanent record of what you have in personal property.

Just to be clear, on a home insurance policy, personal property, or contents is anything that is not permanently attached to a structure. So area rugs is a yes and wall to wall carpeting is a no.

Additionally any items like jewelry or silverware that is limited in coverage or pieces difficult to value, like artwork, wine or collectibles should be videoed separately.

There is a Home Contents app on your phone to assist at no cost in your effort to utilize your time and get organized on what you own.

And finally you should store the finished product in the cloud for safekeeping or provide a backup copy to your insurance agent to be certain it can always be retrieved.

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