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What is not Covered in the Event of a Claim

It is important to avoid an unwelcome surprise, that you are very clear on what is not covered under the insurance policy protecting your home. For this post I am going to paraphrase those terms found under “Exclusions” in your policy to make it easier to understand.

“the two most common exclusions are flood & earthquake”

Here they are the Losses you are not covered for!

The two most common exclusions are:

Flood – which is damage caused by water coming from outside your home, such as water entering your lower level or seeping in thru the foundation.

Earthquake – or earth movement, that causes damage to your home

But there are other exclusions you should be aware of to avoid surprises

Wear & Tear – normally referred to as gradual loss

Contamination – damage caused to your property from pollution, such as oil

Loss by Animals – a broad exclusion, but think of termites

Freezing Water – when a building is left vacant freeze damage is excluded

Nuclear/Radiation – this damage is not covered

Act of War – must be a declared conflict

Fungi/Mold – policies exclude coverage, but generally provide $10,000 for clean-up/remediation

Computer Error – think of being hacked, it’s not covered but you can buy this coverage separately

Intentional Acts – if you light the fire, it will not be covered

Criminal Acts – cannot break the law and be covered

Faulty Planning or Construction – liability would be addressed by builder/architect

All home policies differ in the language, and then the list of exclusion language as well, but in a general sense these are the most common.

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