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Here’s a comparison.

Are you a family working and e-learning from home? For many of us this has become the new normal and our Wi-Fi networks are struggling to keep up with the demand. Is this because your cable connection is slow or does it have something to do with the network you have in your house?

There are two types and here is what we at Shepard Insurance Group have found.

Wi-Fi Range Extender

  • Range extenders communicate directly with your router and rebroadcast its signal on a separate Wi-Fi network. This can create multiple points in your house, so when you move around, you may have to manually switch back and forth between networks.
  • Extenders cut bandwidth in half, slowing things down
  • Multiple range extenders , especially from different companies can create a bandwidth bottleneck
  • Extenders can be cumbersome to manage all the different routers and software

Mesh Networks

  • Mesh systems are a complete replacement of your home Wi-Fi. They are designed to replace the multi router and extender configuration with multiple identical units that are placed around the whole house, creating a blanket of Wi-Fi coverage.
  • No separate networks, always connected seamlessly, without loss of bandwidth
  • Same software allows for better utilization of bandwidth and maintaining of speed

Simply put, with a mesh network you will have less congestion, better speeds and hassle free connection to Wi-Fi as you work from home at your new office, the dining room table.

If you have an IT person, electrician or alarm company source give them a call. It might be a good time to upgrade.

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