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It’s of little surprise today that Global Warming is real, and ultimately, is having a significant impact on weather patterns. Intense storms are becoming more regular, and some with catastrophic results.

Whether the issue is the wind damage of a hurricane, the water damage of torrential rains, or the property damage from a wild fire, weather related damage is a growing concern.

It’s these type of concerns regarding weather, that should prompt you to revisit your homeowner insurance coverages, to understand the following issues

1. How does your current coverage fully respond to the weather issues?

  • Is there a special hurricane deductible?
  • Is there a wildfire defense program?
  • Is Flood covered?
  • What are your policy limitations?

2. Can your insurer efficiently handle an extreme weather event with their claim response?

  • Is the response to your damage from your insurance company, or is it from an assigned independent standby adjuster?

3. Is your insurance company financially strong enough to address a catastrophe?

  • Are they overexposed in high catastrophe areas?

4. Does your current coverage have a long term premium control strategy including:

  • the right deductibles against a loss
  • the appropriate loss control devices like a generator, or leak detection which can minimize a loss

Ferocious storms are becoming a more frequent event. A storm driven focus on your insurance will confirm that your coverage is appropriate, your insurer is well prepared, but also include a strategy to control your future cost of insurance premiums.

The storms are coming, but a little advance work can change the desperation of a devastating storm claim into a controlled, manageable outcome.

Let global warming prompt your coverage review, Call Kyle for a review – 203-637-6655

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