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It is understandable being coastal that we at Shepard Insurance work diligently to be experts on water damage losses, flood zones , and then flood insurance coverage. Some may call it a bit of an obsession.

Did you know that water levels in Connecticut have risen by five inches since 1964?

There is more-

The rise in water levels is measured by satellite every six minutes.

There are 7,000 properties at risk in Connecticut and we are told there is $2 billion in state monies set aside for “sea level rise solutions”.

Our obsession has led us to two highly informative websites, which may have value to realtors as those icebergs melt.

  • Flood IQ- a not for profit sight where you can load an address and get a current and future flood indicator. The site is packed with value
  • Sea Level Rise  – if you are really interested in the effects of Global warming, another not-for-profit with easily understood, scientific data on where we are headed

Take a moment to check these sites and we hope they have value for you in meeting the needs of your clients.

Happy New Year!

If you need help sorting out new or existing  flood coverage for your client’s–contact Kyle at Shepard Insurance Group. He is an expert on water damage exposure. – 203-637-6655


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