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Future Personal Insurance Premiums

Largely In Your Hands

It is no surprise that insurance premiums will continue to escalate for your home and cars. Natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes continue to hit with scary intensity. Automobile accident frequency hasn’t changed but the manner in which cars are built, like a jigsaw puzzle, with heavy electronics push repair costs through the roof.

“insurance premiums will continue to escalate for your home and cars”

But you, the insured have a large part in controlling those future insurance costs.

Here are some tips

Somewhere between prevention and loss control is the insured’s effort to eliminate unintended claims and then reduce the severity of any claims that might occur. Some claims are beyond your control, but many you can affect:


– Lock your car

– Use hands free for your phone use

– Keep car maintenance up to date, especially tire pressure


– Consider a generator

– Install a leak detector/attend to leaks immediately

– Lock your doors

– Put your bikes and any toys in the garage

– If you have a lot of jewelry embed a safe in the wall

– Clean your gutters

– Make sure your downspouts are directed away from the house

– Repair worn out steps to eliminate a slip

– Practice strong cyber security with strong passwords

Insurance companies are being dealt a dual problem, first with storm intensity rising with global warming, and then continued low interest rates. Premiums are going to grow over time in response so limiting your exposure to claims is the first step in controlling the growth.

Unfortunately, this is becoming collateral of the epidemic, but a bit of vigilance can stop a loss from happening.

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