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Weather in the Teens over the Christmas Weekend!

Climate continues to be a challenge and a concern, this time with frigid temperatures dropping into the teens. As we focus on the holidays, give some thought to the extreme cold and the concern that pipes may freeze and create an ice palace in your home.

“This is especially a concern for those travelers, who are away for the holiday.”

This is especially a concern for those travelers, who are away for the holiday.

Double check to make certain your home is prepared. There is also wind coming with this polar vortex, which could cause a loss of power. If you are coastal, they are predicting heavy wind driven waves, with significant wave surges as well.

Do you have a generator to provide electricity and is it ready?

Is it too late to add a low temperature sensor to your alarm system? If not, put that on the to do list for early 2023.

If you are away be sure you coordinate with someone to check on your home to confirm the heat is working.

Whether you are home or away for the holiday, have the name of your plumber handy for an emergency call if you do lose power and you are exposed to freeze damage.

These tips from Chubb are also a great resource for preventing any winter weather surprises!

Stay safe

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