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Are they getting it?

At Shepard Insurance Group we routinely are asked by Wealth Managers and Investment Professionals to provide a “Second Opinion” on their client’s insurance protection as a value added effort. By a large percentage we routinely find two issues. Clients do not have appropriate coverage for their individual needs, and many are over paying as well.

Our experience in offering Second Opinions has identified 4 critical concerns:

1) They want the insurance coverage to match their particular needs. Coverage that is customized to individual circumstances. No gaps and no surprises.

2) They do not want to be overcharged for coverage

3) They believe in a periodic review to stay current, initiated by the agent/broker and face to face meetings are always best.

4) And finally if a claim occurs, minimal intrusion or aggravation. Prompt and proper payment.

Seems pretty simple.

Change is a constant in today’s world. Is your client’s agent keeping up or simply on auto renewal? For added value, maybe you should ask.

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