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Florida Residential Insurance Options Continue to Blow Away

Migration to Citizens in Overdrive

Despite the timing of the last Hurricane in 2017 (Irma), Florida options on residential insurance continue to evaporate. With two significant Florida insurers declaring insolvency in the last two months, the flow of home and commercial insurance policies has gone to Citizens Insurance. Citizens was set up in 2002 by the Florida legislature as a non-profit and has quickly become the final option for Florida homeowner insurance. But Citizens will only insure up to $700,000 to rebuild your property.

“One loose tile should not dictate a new roof”

Florida is an insurance problem.

Our Thoughts

Hurricane central is an appropriate term for Florida, but the negative slant on Florida insurance begins with lawyers, and the law. Imagine a hurricane comes through and loosens a few tiles on your roof. Florida law dictates that you should get a whole new roof!!

So, what was a $40,000 expense before Irma, became an $80,000 expense if your insurer agreed to pay. However, this soon became a $140,000 expense if the insurer objected, and the claim went to litigation. Litigation that the insurer inevitably lost over and over, driven by “the law”. Litigation lasted 3 years from when Irma blew through, and the subsequent insolvencies are tightening Florida.

One loose tile should not dictate a new roof.

If Florida is your next stop, get out ahead of this issue with these actions:

  • Understand that full wind protection is the basis, with all openings protected with impact glass or shutters
  • A new roof is helpful
  • Bundling any personal insurance you have outside of Florida with a Florida property is a key strategy to getting a sound insurance company.

Before you commit to a property in Florida, try to check the 3 bullets above to assist in getting full replacement cost insurance.

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