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What should your clients’ coverage limit be?

We unfortunately live in a deep pocket world, where your clients’ liability insurance is a vital support to claims from smaller nuisance situations to major lawsuits.

“Having ample liability insurance is both inexpensive and prudent.”

Having ample liability insurance is both inexpensive and prudent.

Is your clients’ Excess Coverage:

  • enough relative to their financial statement and future income?
  • does it address full Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage? With the trend of “pick your own coverage” on the internet, the population of underinsured drivers is growing
  • does it provide protection for your clients’ “not for profit” board participation?
  • What about Employment Practices Liability? Would your client be protected if the household staff accused them of discrimination?
  • Does it provide coverage above ALL exposures?

We at Shepard find that there is too much of a focus on small claims with low deductibles and a lack of comprehensive coverage for a major claim. It might be sensible to recommend your client audit their Excess Liability limits to make sure it is comprehensive, as well as sufficient for their personal needs.


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