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Forty years ago when Shepard Insurance Group initially opened our doors property insurance for homes, condos, and townhouses was the crown jewel. Claims against insurance policies happened on average every 13 years.



Property damage claims for owners now are happening every five years. There is a lot in why?

Needs change! Policy limits, terms, and conditions with your insurer change over time. A periodic audit, and in fact a “Second Opinion” is prudent to make sure you are bullet proof against the unanticipated loss.

First you have global warming, storms are happening annually at about the same frequency, but the intensity of the storms is more severe with more storms resulting in catastrophic damage.

Second, for the condo and townhouse owner in major metropolitan areas have two contributing factors. First, the aging infrastructure of the plumbing and electrical in high rise buildings are creating issues more frequently. And second, subpar work from renovation contractors during and after the work is complete. Water damage can affect owners many floors below.

So where is this headed?

Insurance companies are on high alert to the trend of property claims. Prevention is first on the agenda in an effort to reduce the exposure. But additionally, insurers are revising coverage terms to inject control in claims for the owners who are not on top of the risk.

What should you do?

Explore leak detection devices (ie. water sensors and shutoffs, gas leak detectors, etc.) and connect them to your alarm system to reduce damage if you have an event. And second, take a good look at your insurance policy to make sure your coverage has not changed, limiting your ability to be fully reimbursed if you do have a claim.

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