Almost everyone has an upstairs neighbor, new building or old, uptown or downtown. And every building has plumbing with the potential to leak.

There are two ways these leaks and the ensuing property damage, are handled by an insurance carrier. Which insurer do you have?

Many insurance companies say they provide coverage, but will make a concerted effort to curb the recovery in a claim. Delays are created as they decide who is responsible, require estimates on repairs, and create unnecessary barriers to limit payments. What this all adds up to is aggravation in getting your repairs done and being properly compensated.

If you have a leak, the last thing you need is your ceilings and walls left open needing repairs while the insurer goes thru the who and what steps.

However, there is a short list of insurers who understand that a water damage claim is already an aggravation, and they work to minimize the inconvenience. You call the repair company you want to work with, the insurer deals with the neighbor upstairs. You get paid for the repairs, eliminate the delays, and get your life back.

Yes, it costs a bit more to be on the short list, but it is minor in comparison to the headache a water damage claim and the delays can cause.

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