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Phishing Scam

The simple steps to avoid being email hacked

Not a day goes by without receiving an email from a hacker trying to get you to give them access to your account. Some of the efforts are very creative. Recently I received an email from State Farm offering auto insurance for $1 per day. Wow, $360 to insure a car. To good to be true.

“Not a day goes by without receiving an email from a hacker”

Here is how I responded

The email was labeled Statefarm from the sender. The first indication that the email was an attempted phishing effort was that State Farm was listed as Statefarm. A professional organization would not make that mistake.

But the balance of the email, the offer, was very well designed and appeared to be real. But it wasn’t.

The next step is where the sender’s name, Statefarm is listed – you mouse over on the name, and it reveals the real sender. In this instance it was Clearly not an email from State Farm.

So the email is deleted! And the attempted phish is handled.

Be sure, when you receive an unsolicited email, that you observe caution in handling. Even if the email is from a friend or employer, but the email is unexpected, be diligent in checking out if it is real or a phish.

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