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Cyber Virus

Electronic Theft is Growing Exponentially!

With the explosion of social media, video games, wireless security systems, and internet capable automobiles, we are witnessing an alarming increase in cyber-attacks on individuals. In the basic sense, this is having your personal electronic information hacked, exposing credit card information and your bank accounts to thieves.

“cyber intrusion can go well beyond identity theft”

But what really got our attention was being advised of an acquaintance who had more than $200,000 stolen from their bank account.

Most home insurance policies provide a basic level of coverage for identity theft. But cyber intrusion can go well beyond identity theft. Yes, it can be as basic as cyber thieves grabbing your credit card or bank account information. Posting photos and comments on social media, especially with new users, can make the exposure very broad. Have you uploaded your personal address book from your phone into your car? Did you know that those details can stay with the car’s memory when you trade it in?

With more people working from home these days there is more opportunity for hackers to not only infiltrate your personal information but also sensitive work information as well.

It is sensible to have a discussion with your insurance agent about adding more comprehensive cyber coverage to avoid a potential loss, and then the aggravation of an intrusion.

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