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Covid Driven Changes. Thinking of making Renovations to Your Home?

Here are some Guide posts!

You could refer to it as the next migration, or a flood of city dwellers to the suburbs. Whatever the term, real estate sales are robust, with an added objective to set up that remote office for the new electronic driven world. With the surge of new buyers, and remote work in the equation, renovations are going to be very active.

“You could refer to it as the next migration, or a flood of city dwellers to the suburbs”

Here is what you should know to be protected:

1. Contractors/Builders need sufficient Liability & Workers Compensation coverage for employees and any sub-contractors to protect against any accidents. The amount of Liability coverage should be at least as much as the cost of the work (your investment). Confirming that all sub-contractors are covered by Workers Compensation can avoid you being sued if there is a workplace accident. If your builder has other jobs ongoing, his liability limit is shared across all those projects.(e.g $1,000,000 limit, 4 projects, do you really have $1m of protection?)

2. The AIA contract – from your architect, should be reviewed to make sure it properly protects you

3. Waiver of Subrogation – in any contract you sign you should make sure you haven’t waived your rights, and your insurance company has subrogation rights against your builder and their insurance company

4. Insurance – you need to control the property insurance for the construction duration, to avoid the hassles of dealing with an insurer who is protecting the builder

5. Your Property Insurance will need to be amended to reflect the improvements, especially if you are moving out of the home during the construction/renovation time period

6. Your Property Insurer – engage an insurance company that will be an asset in the construction process, from the requirements of the proper insurance by your builder, to fire extinguishers and early alarm activation, these points are critical to a successful project

Taking on a renovation/construction project can be very exciting! Proper planning is a necessary step, so make sure to include an evaluation of your insurance and equally important your builder’s insurance, to help insure the project is a success.

If you have questions about insuring an upcoming project drop Kyle an email at or call 203.698.9342 for the intel to insure your success.

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